Design | Build

Delivering your home in one comprehensive service.

Collaborating with our clients on the design is one of the biggest joys of what we do.
It enables us to customize every home to fit each family and their unique lifestyle. Our team of inspired professionals will make building your new modern home an experience to remember.

Type Three’s Design|Build process offers you the reassurance that the design, budgeting, contracting, project management, supervision and construction of your home can be delivered in one comprehensive service.

Process of Design | Build

Initial Meeting
First off, we want to get to know you. The initial meeting will run approximately two hours. We  will discuss your needs, wants, ideas, and values. We will assess your lifestyle and how you live in your home, where you spend most of your time and what is important to you. We will help you determine a budget and address any questions or concerns you may have about building a new home.
Assess and/or Acquire Property
If you already own land to build on, we will do a suitability assessment on it to ensure it will work for your desired project. If you have yet to find that perfect lot, we will help you find and acquire it through our network or real estate professionals.
Preliminary Design
We develop initial designs based on the ideas generated at our first meeting. We present these designs through sketches, drawings (plans and elevations) and three dimensional models. At this stage we are able to price various options, which can help in your decision making.
Design Development
We now spend time refining the design at this stage. We determine all the exterior and interior specifications to be put into the final plans.
Permit Drawings and Documents
Construction/Permit drawings are drawn up as per the developed design and specifications. Based on the construction drawings, the final budget is determined and submitted to you for approval. This budget is our firm commitment to you. The price will not change unless you subsequently request additional work. Once the budget has been approved, the construction drawings are submitted for all permits and approvals.
The construction phase is intense and exciting. We pride ourselves on staying organized so you can enjoy the process. There is nothing quite like seeing your new modern home rise out of the ground one stage at a time, slowly becoming the home you had envisioned from the day of our initial meeting. No matter how much planning and preparation has been done, there are always decisions to be made throughout the process. We like to you as much as feel comfortable. We also like to take advantage of any new opportunities that might appear to improve the design. Whether it’s a design detail or a structural change, we are prompt in presenting new options clearly and simply. A full construction schedule is provided to ensure you know when and what is always happening.
Your new sustainable one of a kind modern home is now complete and ready for occupancy! Prior to you moving into your completed home we do a pre-occupancy walk-through to familiarize you with your new home and its many systems and to also ensure that any outstanding issues are dealt with to your satisfaction. You can now move into your new home!